Is there a Database of Commands?

So I’m progressing through FCC and so far it’s going pretty well. However, I frequently find challenges asking me to nest some elements that I learned on a previous challenge. However, I often can’t remember them! Things like “btn-primary”, “btn-block”, i-class=“fa fa-plane” etc. Is there a database that has all the commands that you can reference to? If anyone knows, that’d be great, thanks!

those are all bootstrap classes. Have you checked the bootstrap documentation?

Button options for example, are available here:


Besides the ones noted by @AdventureBear there’s also and I particularly like because it documents many different technologies and supports saving local copies of the documentation sets.

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along the same lines, you can download Dash if you are using iOs for local copies of documentation

Wow, thanks for the resources guys, that’s even more detailed than I was looking for, awesome!