Get Query Parameter Input from the Client - Not working

I’m stuck trying to pass this challenge

This is the code I’m using but can’t find why exactly it is failing.

app.route('/name').get((req, res) => {
   var first = req.query.first;
   var last = req.query.last;
   var jsonObj = {'name': first + ' ' + last};

Maybe some of the other parts of the code are not allowing the code to be right?

Which tests are you failing? When I supply the url of your Glitch project to the challenge, tests, it passes both tests.

Really? I am failing a both!

Can you take a screenshot which shows the url you are submitting and the tests failing?

Yes, here it is

That is not the correct url you should be submitting. That is the Glitch project url. What you want to use is

Oh my god… Thank you!