Get set for our API development Projects

Anyone having the same issue as me?..

Cloud9 is going very very slow when I try to set up the “Get set for our API developement projects”. So much to the point that the site gets completely stuck. I’ve been trying for more than a week. I tried deleting all my previous workspaces but didn’t help. I cannot go on with the backend challenges. Any clue on how can I proceed?. Thanks

you could skip cloud9 and learn through other means … i didnt like cloud9 so for the backend which for me is the main thing i wanted to learn about i was lucky to find a post from someone else who did the course below rather than the cloud9 section … so decided to check it out and glad i did … its a very good course that covers every thing form setting up servers … covers express … database cookies and authentication
It is free … very easy to follow … very well explained.
at the moment i have the first backend project … timestamp 90% done … just have to create the landing page … have it working on my localhost … so im nearly ready to deploy to heroku

as the course covers a lot i stopped just after the introduction to cookies section and basic authentication … so i could spend a bit of time practicing what i learnt and when i need the Ouath and passwords for backend projects i will cover the rest
as there is a lot to take in

so dont think youre restricted to just doing the cloud9 way … goal is to learn backend and complete the projects … good luck

I agree with P1xt If you can, go with the Node installation and learn gradually. You can complete the tutorials for git, MongoDB, npm and node/express on your own computer then. After that, you’re pretty much set up for the API projects.

I had similar issues with Cloud9, waiting for the workspace to load for 15 minutes and so. It depends on your skill with command line tools and your OS, but you could set up a development environment in your own computer. It’s probably faster in the long run (just my opinion, of course). If you’re on Linux, and decide to try, I can try to offer some help, but of course the setup varies between different Linux distros.

Thanks for the info!