GitHub contributor badges on forum

Great news!

If you have been contributing to freeCodeCamp on GitHub, you are now able to get badges on the forum. When you make 1, 25 or 250 pull requests you get a badge when they are successfully merged.

and you get a happy notification too:


We have enabled this for the main repository and will be extending this to more repositories soon.

Cheers and happy contributing!


Cool feature. Where are the pull requests supposed to be send? Maybe you can link to it.


Thanks for asking, I have linked the contributing documentation in the OP.

Hey Mrugesh, how do the two accounts get connected? For example, if I am logged in through my /learn account which is connected to GitHub through email and Oauth.

It is only for the main fCC repo or any repo under the fCC organization?

GitHub returns us the “primary” email that you have on record. We use this email to look up and identify your account on /learn and forum.

If you have the same emails (set as primary) on any of the login providers, you should be connected to the account linked to the email.

Yes, for now. We are testing the integration. Will include more repos soon.

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I’m missing the badge, and I have the same email as primary on forum and github

the one for 1 PR, I mean

I am sure Mrugesh will be able to shed more light on this, but I was under the assumption the badge is given out in batches. That is, whichever script that checks for contributions is run only once-per-X-days. So, perhaps it is just delayed.

It could be, but there is also the PR merged on Aug 31st, and the others before

that was just the most recent

The script should “just” work, but we should check with the discourse meta if other communities have experienced similar issues.

The feature is integrated to the best of what I could find on their documentation. It’s possible that I missed something, but it worth checking with discourse meta (their support channel).

Will anyone be interested in creating a thread there?

I have an account there anyway. So, I will do this now. Is there any specific-to-freeCodeCamp information worth adding?

You can use this screenshot if you prefer. But it’s pretty straight.

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