Github help needed

Hello guys. I was wondering if anyone can assist with a Github issue.

What is the simplest command I need to use to just ‘lift’ my project from the IDE to get it staged onto Github? I already know about commit messages etc, -m with the comment.

So far the commands have been useless. All I want to do is to have the content on Github look like the format on the IDE; as far as file structures are concerned; assets FOLDER with all the files etc.

I failed a coursework assignment because my files weren’t organised properly on Github.

Sorry for not being more technical.

I’m not sure I understand. The file structure will be the same in your remote repository as it is locally.

git and GitHub are slightly different things, you need to make sure you’re registered on Github, then create a repo, then on your local machine set remote commit changes and push them to origin. When you will create a repo there will be helpful instruction for all these steps. Good luck!

Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I have now become much more familiar with the IDE/Github, and know a slew of basic commands. I can now push projects from the IDE to Github.

I’m glad to hear it. Happy coding!