GitHub Pages. one site per GitHub account and unlimited project sites

So i just managed to figure out how to upload a website with 8 webpages to github.

Im just wondering about what GitHub has written about pages
“You get one site per GitHub account and unlimited project sites.”

Does unlimited project sites mean just a single webpage? or can i have multiple per project??

i found this

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any project you make for freeCodeCamp can be hosted with github pages.
you can host multiple static sites.

unless, of course, you break any of those guidelines or usage limits.

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I want to ulpoad the tribute page onto GitHub now how would i go about doing this?

Im confused with the what name im going to have to use hence the idea that for GitHub pages to work your repositry name must match the user account ?

within your repository, navigate to Settings;

within Settings navigate to the Github Pages section below;
enable github pages for the repository you’re within by selecting the Source

from None
to master branch;

doing so refreshes the page.
navigate back to the Github Pages section (same page, just scroll down) to find the url where your code is being hosted.

the url will always be in the format of:

if you ever need or want to change the repository name, it’s the first option you’ll find within Settings.

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