Good books to read to help with the course?

Hello all,
what are some good books to read (preferably kindle format) , that will help with this course ? Because I looked at all the material, and it looks a bit worrying.
Should I read a book about algorithms and data structures as well or will a general javascript book be enough.
I’m reading one now, but I don’t know if it will be good enough to get me through this course (Jeremy McPeak , beginning js).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Where about are you stuck? The eventual goal of this website (in my opinion) is to be an all-in-one resource to help everyone learn from square 1, so if you are stuck please let everyone know what doesn’t make sense and we can give you clues to solve it.

Algorithms are tough, but it takes practice and more practice to get better. There are more than 600 algorithms even after you achieve the final ‘Full Stack’ certificate :slight_smile:

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I just find the material in the course rather daunting so far. The course material here at FCC alone definitely is not enough , so I will have to rely on books/tutorials. Probably should give “Javascript for dummies” a try :stuck_out_tongue:

It is obvious that with the course material it will be insufficient to learn quickly and easily, I think you need to investigate more information on your own but freeCodeCamp see it as a guide that will make you a complete web developer when you manage to finish the course, a course that it can be easy on occasions and difficult on others

I recommend Mozilla Docs and The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
I still don’t start any books but I plan to read myself at the end of the javascript part which is where this highly recommended book Eloquent Javascript is currently

I also recommend a look at

you can also find online “You don’t know javascript” and “eloquent javascript”, if you want to paper version that one you need to buy, but the online version is available online for free