Good Practice and Tips when learning HTML/CSS

Hi everyone,

I’m currently learning HTML and CSS and everything is going great at the moment.

However, what are some of the things you felt are crucial aspects of HTML/CSS when you were learning? What areas do you feel are more critical and serves as the building block for things down the road?

In addition, what are some good practices or bad habits when it comes to HTML/CSS? that a beginner should strife for and emulate, or avoid?

How should a beginner learn to write clean/efficient html/css code?

Lastly, what resources (books,websites, etc) or tools did you use when starting your webdev journey? Were there anything you find particularly helpful?

For example, for me, I found that that learning the chrome or firefox’s developer’s tools early on helped me quite a bit when it comes to the box model, because I’m able to see the border, margin, padding, and the sizes of each object visually as I make changes to them.