Got a new job, part4!

I got a new job! next part!
I made it my mission to post it here every time I get a new job, as a full-stack self-taught developer. So… here we go!
Working that job from the previous thread for a year, I learnt a lot of stuff, it truly made me a way better developer and i also built a stronger network, anyway, back on track. I got a couple offers which were interesting over the course of last year,
However, one, last month caught my eye.It’s a start-up with a lot of traction, i went for a casual interview and after looking at my GitHub they decided to skip the technical interview and offer me a position. It is a full-stack position, with a back-end in Python( which i am new at, but it doesn’t really matter as I’ll be mainly focusing for the first month on the front-end part, also I have experince in node.js + graphQL, it’ll be easy to pick up Python) , and React-Native as a front-end, PostgreSQL as a DB + AWS( Which i’m comfortable with as I worked with them for the last year). This offer came with a huge pay check increase too. The best part? My very good friend from the previous job is joining too as a QA.

There’s definitely a career here for you, even if you’re self-taught!


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