Got an intenship!


Today i got my first internship. I’ve sent my cv and motivation letter 4 times for the last 1,5 month I think (with no response), but yesterday I’ve sent it to 3 places at once. Got response, went there for the interview the same day and got it. There weren’t any specific questions, just about general experience. Of course, I don’t have much of it. It turned out that this little company needs people due to their growth, so I guess I was lucky with timing. Strangly, no questions about portfolio. I’ve been learning for 2-3 months btw, almost finished frontend cert. Just writing this to give some hope I guess, I used to read that kind of posts myself in the beginning. :slight_smile:


Congratulations Camper!! Remember to keep us updated and share a bit of feedback whenever your feel like so! :slight_smile:

Best of luck in your new internship!

Happy coding ^^

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Well done @adamgithub92 ! I wish you all the best forward!

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