Got hired by revature

I just got chosen to be apart of coding bootcamp that will match me with a company when i pass the coding bootcamp. its called revature. I am excited to get my foot in the door with the devolopment field, but i don’t know what to expect from the bootcamp and how to go about things in general. Can someone give advice on how to survive and thrive in the bootcamp and enjoy the experience in general?

I just googled them, and the glassdoor reviews seem to explain what to expect.

It depends on what flavor. There are different variations based on client needs, like ServiceNow, JTA, Java, .Net…etc.

I don’t know your training location, but Reston, VA basically is like a mix of school and a job. 5 days a week, 9 to 5 for 9-10 weeks. Every day is lecture, live code walkthrough, and if you have time some coding on your own. You have 3-4 projects throughout the training period by yourself, then with your peers as a team. Every week you take an online quiz and an interview style grilling about the subject you’ve learned. To complete the training, you have to pass a comprehensive 1-2 hour video interview, grilling you on everything you learned, they not only evaluate your knowledge but your demeanor.

How the training will go depends on your own competency and prior knowledge. For me, have some full stack experience through FCC and Chingu. I was mostly able to keep up and apply transferrable knowledge wherever I could, but I can also see how it could be absolutely overwhelming if you don’t have a lot of experience and decent study habits. They’re not trying to kick you out, but they’re not going to go easy on you. My best advice for you is to keep up the best you can, and whenever you feel like you’re falling behind during the day, go home and study up on the subject by googling.

After you pass the final evaluation, you get put in staging where you prepare and interview with clients, this could last anywhere from a week to 6 weeks. Clients are consulting firms, like Accenture, Infosys, Hexaware, hiring on behalf of their clients like Apple, Walmart, Capital One, Shell, Aetna, Goldman Sachs…etc.

I was lucky enough to get hired with only a couple of interviews and left on my first week of staging. Some of my mates had to suffer through more. The jobs are not necessarily developers either, but they are technology-centric. The worst thing is probably that you don’t have a choice, once you get hired, you are obligated to full-fill your contract. It is part of the deal for the free Bootcamp and room and board during Bootcamp.

You are offered a salary and benefits during training, but they are nothing. You’re also locked into a below market value salary for 2 years. The training and corporate connections are however, completely legit and will get you working after you complete the training


Hello and Good luck to you.