Revature company

Has anyone had experience with the company Revature? I’m interested if you have applied, interviewed, and/or worked there. I’m in the process of researching companies. Thank you!

I applied for their entry-level developer in-person 12-week training in Reston VA last summer, talked to one person on the phone, and then asked a slew of questions via e-mail because their website lacked in-depth information on the training program protocol and how relocation worked (because I don’t live anywhere near the East coast).

I never got a response to any of my e-mail questions, so I wrote them off. Their term of $50K for one year is fairly limiting as well. In 2018, that’s basically minimum salary for an entry-level developer who’s living in an area with a below-par cost of living (i.e., that could’ve been Colorado 10 years ago maybe but not today) and with no dependents. If you have dependents and expect to live/work in an area with a high cost of living, then forget about them.

I recommend reading the reviews on Glassdoor.


Thank you! Your insight was very helpful!