Has anyone here worked with Revature?

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I have been looking for jr. level developer jobs lately and I ran across this company called Revature.

Since I am from a fairly small town, this is pretty much one of my only options if I want to get started. The problem is what they are offering sounds a little to good to be true. It’s free, they even pay you. They teach you. And they help you get a job afterwards?
I trust the people on FCC.org much more than other websites, so I want to know here if anyone has heard of this company or met someone who worked with them?
Thank you for your time.

hey @Imstupidpleasehelp, before anything, I wish you luck in the job hunting journey it’s really not as easy as we think before starting it.

They are legit, but as you already suspected there are catches. As far as I know, Revature along many other consulting firms has been functioning this way for a long time.

I have not worked for Revature but the typical process is as follows.
They hire you as a “junior” developer, you then have to go through their process of training. Throughout the training, they usually have a couple of examinations to filter out people who did not study the taught materials hard enough. After passing all the training and getting their certificate you would be handed to a marketing team that will find your a project with a “client”.

Clients are companies who are looking for consultants and not full-time employees because of many reasons including taxes, risks and etc. You start working for that client by going to their site or in some cases remotely at the same office they trained you. So you are not an employee of the client company but just their consultant.

In terms of salary, many known consultant firms including Accenture, Deloitte, and also Revature agree to pay you even when you are not on a project. They may pay you lower when you are not on a project but at least they pay many of the firms out there won’t do that. Their profit comes from the contract that you would sign with the client company, they’re taking their own share because of training you to be expert. you most likely start by hour base salary and then later on after 3-4 years with a fixed base salary.

If the client company likes your work and they have enough budget to pay for you, you stay there. if not they would ask you to go before their own employees.

There are also a couple more gotchas or details that you can freely ask me in the chat. But if it’s one of the only jobs in your preferred city and you’re okay working as a consultant then there should be no big problems. Just be cautious and read all the contracts.


Interesting though. Are you aware of any these companies that work in Canada? It seems Revature doesn’t.

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of course, Accenture and Deloitte work internationally and are pretty much the high end of consulting firms. If you’re looking for local companies I found some companies at this link that could worth a try.
However, always try to be cautious when working with consulting firms. Know your rights, things they should provide and etc.
here’s the link

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Thanks for all the info!

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