Is Revature a Scam?


I am trying to get my foot in the door as a software engineer.

I can’t say for certain if they are a scam, but I have seen them spam job applications on job boards. I even applied to a few and never heard anything back. I decided for me they were a waste of time. YMMV.

Yes they are a scam

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I hope they didn’t have some of their past graduates build their website, because it’s bad, at least as far as accessibility goes. Very rookie mistakes.

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Oh yeah, I remember coding that site :laughing: j/k…

Well, if they are a scam, then that would make sense. Being all about the money, why would they care about the quality of their site and “products”… as long as it effectively suckers and scams enough Revature-revenue. lol

I get what you’re saying though.

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