Great Opportunity for anyone wanting to contribute to open source

I have created an application that is brand new and ready to be hacked on. have only been hacking at it for two days. Because it is so new, there are a lot of opportunities for you to contribute to open source. A lot of applications on GitHub are seasoned and hard to contribute to because the “easy” stuff has been completed and the bugs are hard to fix.

The app I have created is very new. So, it needs form styling, some editing on the front page, etc. You can even contribute by opening issues, etc.

I created an application for landlords to manage rental properties, it is free to use and completely open source. I think this will be a fun and useful project. I want it to be driven by the community and very useful: slight_smile:

Go have a look at the open issues. I will be opening a lot more tomorrow

Here is the repo:


Do you have any learning resources recommendations for people who are new to contributing to projects and are not familiar with all the file types found in a repository such as yours? For example, I am looking at your repo and don’t understand most of it. I have no clue what the extensions sln, cs, csproj are. As a newbie I wouldn’t even know where to begin. My repos consist mostly of html, css and js files, with the odd json thrown in there. Like how do you even view what it looks like so far?

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@Soupedenuit This is a Visual Studio C# MVC project using .NET Core. You need Visual Studio (Community) for Windows or the OSX/Linux version of the IDE.

Learning resource:

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That makes sense - thanks for clarifying @owel.

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Man, I have been in the same boat so many times where I want to contribute but have no idea about the repo. Our app is built with the ASP.NET Core framework using C#.

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Looks like ASP.NET is picking up steam in the web dev dept. Do you think there many people on FCC who use it? I only ever see Owel advocating it on here.

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ASP.NET is more of a enterprise type framework, but lots of OS projects use it too.

Great Idea @michaelhenderson, I would like to contribute. I’m also a newbie with .NET with C# learning and want to contribute and expand my skill.

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@rabinrai44 well, this is a perfect chance for both of us to do so. If you have any questions, just let me know. I am going to set up a chatroom for the devs soon.

@rabinrai44 i set up a chat room here

Thank You. I will join.

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That’s awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing, and I’ll probably use the app at some point :wink:
Will see if I can contribute a bit :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I made a video of a high level overview of the application so people who have never used core can contribute. I may have missed out on a lot of things in the video so if you have any questions or would like me to create an educational video, just let me know :smile:

P.S. I dont make many youtube videos so sorry if it’s not up to par.

I’d love to contribute but I’ve not even looked at .net in a few years

Hey @michaelhenderson . I’m watching the video and it seems you were pointing to some lines of code (based on the movement of your cursor), but on the YT video, it was just showing a plain blank page /Tenants (for example). It seems you’re highlighting different parts of the code, which we don’t see on the video.

See @4:45. It looks like you clicked on your bottom toolbar to switch window, but the screen capture is still showing the browser page and not your editor.

@owel thanks a lot for pointing that out. I will have to create a new video :confused:

I was using the built in recorder for windows 10, it must have glitched or something.

@michaelhenderson Do you only want new contributors to address Issues tagged with ‘up for grabs’?

Nope, anyone can contribute in any way! :slight_smile:

I normally use the up for grabs tab just to show that it is a good issue for someone new, but experienced users can go ahead and tackle it if need be.

The ASP NET Core Video is unavailable now.

Just want to tell you that ASP NET Core is an excellent framework based in MVC pattern. You can build any website and scale them to any limits using this framework. The GitHub has some excellent open source projects which anyone can download and use them.

One such good repository which is encountered is The ASP.NET Core CMS which is excellent to make any type of dynamic websites.