Help me contribute to Open Source

At this point, I’ve been coding for 2.5 months full-time. Picked up C#, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, MVC, and currently continuing education in all of these.

I’m eager to get on a project that I can do work on. I feel like all of the projects I find are too massive and confusing for me to just jump right in.

It’s funny, I literally have hours and hours of free labor I’m willing to give to a project, all I need is a little direction. And when I do a job, I do it right… If me teaching myself C#, MVC, ASP.NET, Web APIs, RESTful services, JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQL, Entity Framework, and more in less than 3 months doesn’t show that, I don’t know what will. I need someone to let me on and tell me “can you do x, y, or z?” And it needs to be a request that a newbie can handle. That’s all I want. Preferably smaller projects at first to get my feet wet. Do you have any advice or even better, any projects for me?

I jumped on one recently, but I have to go and learn an entire proprietary framework written by a professional developer of nearly 40 years and basically try to reverse-engineer thousands of lines of code to understand it. That’s not what I’m talking about, just something a little simpler, but that requires some work that I can help with.

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Check this out:


And this:

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