Hacktoberfest - Adding To Challenges that Are Stubs

I am only just now learning about the Hacktoberfest 2018 challenge, and I really want to participate to challenge myself to contribute more to the FCC community and to win a shirt.

That said, having gone through a number of challenges there are some that have no answers, just the generic “This is a stub” prompt when you select Get A Hint. Is it possible to contribute there, or is it intentional that some challenges have no hints/answer? Is that too ambitious for a new contributor (I notice the Spoiler image and a number of other style elements that I don’t know yet how to format or include.

A “stub” is a placeholder. Anywhere you see a “stub” is a place where we are waiting for a community member to write the article. Make sure you read all the contributing documentation and follow the style guidelines.

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I clicked through the link after figuring out how to PR, and it says the repository is archived as read-only by the owner (Bouncey). Has the place where PR’s can be made to provide hints/answers been moved?

The Guide, Learn, and Curriculum repositories were all migrated to the FreeCodeCamp repository to make contributing simpler. You can find the same file in github.com/freecodecamp/freecodecamp

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