Have PR for FCC but no reviewers

How do I get reviewers from FCC team?

It looks like you just created this PR less than an hour ago? I think you need to give a little more time. It’s almost 11:30 PM where I am. Probably a lot of reviewers sleeping right now :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Seems like you have CA time )

It’s better to make an issue before making a PR. I don’t understand why this change is required?

How is the white space significant here?

An API and its response do not use formatting for anything. Formatting the response is for human consumption, it has no bearing on the actual response or how you use it.

Yeah you right. Didn’t know that it’s required to create an issue first. I thought I’m helping. Don’t worry I will close this PR right away

Issues aren’t mandatory, but they are really helpful and I recommend them. They are a chance for everyone to agree if there is a problem and how we want to fix it.

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