Have you thought of developing a blog?

I am aware that this is not one of the freeCodeCamp Curriculum project.
I have done most of them and I wanted to challenge myself so I made a blog .
Here it is: http://www.jsnstop.com
It is built on top of KeystoneJS hosted on Heroku ‘hobby’ dyno and the database in handled on mlab.
Because KeystoneJS is working with https://cloudinary.com I have the opportunity to use this amazing API they are offering there.
Please leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions.
Thank you.


Great work! Love the design and color scheme of the pages. However, there is a small responsiveness problem on my mozilla firefox 62.0 browser. There seems a thin strip of white space on the right side of the blog page, as I decrease the browser width, this white space width increases incrementally and becomes completely noticeable for smaller browser widths. The white space problem also seems to exist for the contact page, but only for very small browser widths.

Blog Page


Contact Page


Hope this helps you.

The links shown on the image below are not working for me.

Thank you Tchoukoualeu,
I have sorted that out. Been rushing when I wrote the links and had typo’s on both cases.

The white space is because google adSense has declared fix width for the content div
and when you rendered the page first time you did it on full desktop. Therefore shrinking an already
rendered page will not cause adSense div to refresh.
If you load the page at mobile scale or any Responsive width X height, it should be rendered properly.
Thank you for testing and reply.

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Regardless if a user is using a mobile device or a desktop device and narrows the width of their browser, don’t you still want to fix this issue?

I do, I am thinking to change fixed width to percentages and to create some function with an event listener for window resize which is going to request adSense content to be refreshed. I will post here when this is done plus other additions.

Do you have other ideas on how to fix that in a more natural or practical way?