Redesigned personal website

I’ve been working for the past few weeks on redesigning my website.
After I hired a designer, well… because I’m just so bad at designing, I started working on implementing her PSD mockups into HTML/CSS.

For the responsive part I used, for the first time actually.
It was pretty neat… I was using bootstrap all the time for the grid system so changing it with light option, was nice. I also get to play more with flexbox.

The main reason, beside the design change, was that I wanted to drop my host, because they don’t offer a server running NodeJS, so I built my own on a droplet, which was quite fun actually. Learned to play with pm2 and security stuff xD.

I also implemented a small CMS which allow me to CRUD my blog posts. I didn’t wanted to stress out to much regarding authentication, so I learned firebase to handle that for me. It was much much simpler… It also stores all my blog posts for free (for now ^_^), which is cool.

I’ll appreciate if you can take a look at my website, and feel free to let me know any bugs you might find. You can check it out:

P.S. Make sure you check the mobile web version of it also, I got a pretty slick navigation menu on there, you’ll love it! :smiley:


Your site link at the bottom is not working for me

I second @nikhilpatel87. That link’s dead. It looks like a hyperlink was created but no address was added for the hyperlink to point to.

Not sure, which one you mean?

It was the one you updated. Before it just said “here” and didn’t do anything when clicking on it. I think you fixed it now though

Very nice site! I like it a lot

Oh… great!

I’m glad you liked it!

Nice portfolio. Just a heads up for the blog section: on smaller resolutions it doesn’t feel quite right. I would probably try a different arrangement of the smaller posts\categories just to use up the remaining white space more appropriately.

Other than that, good job.

Thank you for your advice… Noted! :smile:

Very nice layout of your revised site.

It is not a bug, but I do have a suggestion for your portfolio page. Instead of having to click the actual text “View It Live”, why not make the entire container clickable. Also, instead of having the link go directly to the portfolio project, target a new window with target="_blank", so your main site stays in the background. Just my suggestion.


Good idea @rmdawson71. I totally missed that, and I planned to do so. Thank you!

Hey, Florin, it’s looking very nice. I like your mobile menu a lot; however, it looks somewhat pixelated on my screen when it is small:
Maybe an SVG would be better?

Also, I’m curious about how you got a designer and did that process. I sent you an invite on LinkedIn if you wanted to chat a little bit about that there.

Yeah… I know :frowning:
I might go for an SVG, but then I have to learn about SVG animation probably :smiley:

Sure. :wink:

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For this issue you can try deleting the background-color rule from .mobile-menu-container and changing it to transparent on the button inside of it.

That should make it smoother. You have too many layers on top of each others as of now that are causing the “pixelated” look.

Edit: Meant to reply to @Flopet17 but oh well. lol

Hmm… well… it’s because the way I did to achieve the effect.
Basically I have 3 fixed position items (the button, the ul with the links, and the background which scales on click). I couldn’t think of a better way to achieve this as I needed the writing and the button lines to stay the same size.

I’ll try to see what to do :slight_smile: Thanks!