Having problem to enter "Learn" section

Hi , i am having problem to enter “Learn” section.The website just doesn’t load, stuck on loading icon.

It happened on one of JavaScript challenge.After passing challenge next one didn’t come.

I use google chrome with only uBolck extension but its not active .

Thank you in advance for your time .

I have pretty much the same. I was doing a tutorial, finished a challenge and then it went into the loading display and never came out. I can go to /news and that works fine, /forum also works fine but /learn is all together just not playing ball! Any tips?

Hi @worc4021 , the problem is just dissappared after about 12 hours. I have no clue what was it and why .
I wish the same to you as well…

Hey Dashi! I found that it happened only on Chrome… So I just opened the site in safari and there was no drama at all… Let’s hope I can continue in a few hours again in chrome. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile: