Having trouble? Are you new here? Let me walk you through each lesson FOR FREE!

I need to start a decent portfolio, which I can show employers by the time I finish my degree (May, 2019).
I also REALLY want to earn the freecodecamp.org Full-Stack Developer certification.
So… I’m wanting to find a student who is struggling to learn the Full-Stack curriculum. I will walk them through every lesson, because you probably noticed that site can be a bear, for some of the lessons. I will guide this person through every lesson, and teaching is the best way to learn, so I will really solidify my coding abilities in the process…
I have figured it up, and with a 45-min video each day, we can get through the entire curriculum in 5 months. But I REALLY want someone who can definitely be available every single day - the power of the Seinfeld streak!
I offered to teach my nephews (16, 14), and my brother thinks they would be very uninterested. Two people would be WAY better because, if one was too busy, I could work with the other and not miss a day. The absentee could simply catch up before the next day’s lesson. So, maybe I could find a married couple who want to learn together for 45 mins each night right after their kids go to bed or something like that.

I need to stress the fact that I want a completely inexperienced student for this project, to show people how to learn from this site FOR FREE. The inexperienced student will have the same types of questions as the YouTube viewers.

So, a typical training day would be a 45-min session with you sitting at your computer, webcam chatting with me, while we both go through the curriculum together. We would be able to see each other’s screens.

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if there are no takers, I would suggest you try to help people out here on the forum…


If you really want to help campers here FOR FREE, start by answering questions posted here on the forum. If you really want to help them, you will give them hints and suggestions which will guide them to their own solution. This will help solidify your own knowledge and point out areas you need to review.

The best part is everyone on the forum are volunteers working FOR FREE.


Hey Jim,
If you really want to earn the FCC certification, then what you can do is you can go for the projects directly. It is not mandatory here at FCC to for you to complete all the challenges, you just need to make the projects for each section and then claim the certificate.
Also, as @hbar1st and @RandellDawson mentioned, you can always help people here which in turn will help you solidify your concepts.
Happy coding!!