<head> necessary?

I noticed while going through the HTML-CSS learning modules that sometimes there is not a “head” section, only the “style”. Why is that? Just curious.

That is just for the lessons, it would be too bloated if they put the full HTML in each one. You will always have a <head> tag in your actual file.


While I have you. If you don’t mind me asking. As I go through these modules, I notice that some solutions require specific formatting understanding that has yet to be explained.

For example, in the “create-texture-by-adding-a-subtle-pattern-as-a-background-image” module, it expects one to know how to properly format the “url ()” background property within the style element.

Is there an earlier module I’m supposed to refer back to in order to find/understand the solution?

isn’t it explained in challenge description? I am sure it is

It’s been a while since i’ve gone through the lessons but from what I can remember, all of the html/css lessons cover everything you need. Once you hit JavaScript you will be looking up things constantly however so it won’t hurt to get used to it now.