Hello, my first Portfolio! Please judge me

Hello, I’ve started Web Development this year and I’m trying really hard to get things inside my head! It’s like my challenge for the year to tackle HTML CSS JS and next year PHP…
So please help me in this quest

here’s the link:


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Neat! Video and animations - looks like you’ve got a good start on this!

Thank you! I’m really trying hard!!

That is really good! Congrats! :smile:

This looks great! The only design change I might suggest is when the page loads there is no menu. If a user browses to your page and doesn’t realize they should scroll down to see more content they may miss out – Jason

The graphics looks very nice… Thing is though… when I resize your website ( using firefox browser and most likely with other browsers too ) to anything smaller than ( BOOTSTRAP: col-lg ) your sections mess up completely.

edit typo

Thank you for the review, I will think about the menu, and I didn’t see that my section was getting messed!! Thanks a lot! Gonna fix it

Just fixed the issues!! Added a menu and some new features… Please if someone could check again and give some feedback would be really nice!


its very functional and looks good too. i like how your skill section shows icons instead of just words, good idea.

Looked very clean - liked it.
Resizing worked fine for me in Chrome.
No Nav bar in view when i open page (on 17" laptop) so had to scroll down to find them. Other than that - Coolio!

thanks again for the feedback! Gonna work on that!!

Looks good however some of your content is off-centered which makes it troubling on the eyes. Other than that looks great!