Hello Seattle! Anyone out there.....:)

I just wondered if there are many Seattle coders on here?

Not quite Seattle but theres a few of us in portland! Lol NW gotta stick together.

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Ayup. Waving from Renton!

Im in Tacoma and go to Seattle quite often

Hi All,

Good to hear I’m not alone over here!!!

Hello Renton, Tacoma and Portland.
Speak soon hopefully :+1:t3:

Yes for sure. should do a meetup sometime

I’m on the Eastside. If anyone else is over here, we have a campsite to join on Facebook!

Seattle has one as well.

Bellingham, but out of town for a few weeks.

Eastside too - redmond

Seattle here! doing coding while working but plan to quit and focus this full time soon!

Excellent :slight_smile:


I’m over in Seattle (Central District) but I go to FCC Bellevue meet-ups on a fairly regular basis.

Didn’t real side there was one. Will check it out as I’m in Redmond.

Hey @MatWard,

If you;re interested, send me a PM.

I can add you to the facebook group. a lot of the communication is on there.

  • Andre

PM Sent :)…

I’m in MountLake Terrace

Hello from Wallingford. :slight_smile: