San Fran vs. Seattle

After some dramatic shifts in my life, I’ve made up my mind to drive west to Seattle through San Francisco, finish the back end certification along the way, and eat through my savings as I apply to any job I think I am qualified for. I am interested in any insight anyone more experienced or living in those areas might have to offer me.

I know the real estate is nuts in SF and so I am leaning toward making Seattle my main target. I also think there may be more opportunities there after a brief search online, although I’m sure there are plenty in SF.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

San Fran / Seattle… Just come on over to Iowa, man, and tip cows with me…

More startups in sf, start up culture. Can you handle 9 months of drizzle, cold, wet rain?

Thanks a lot for your advice @P1xt, I will work hard and do my best on these backend projects. Once I finish them and polish up my portfolio a little more I look forward to handing it off to you to devour.

I can’t speak to SF.

I live in the Seattle area. EVERYONE is hiring and looking for developers. There is a vibrant Meetup community. As a non-native Seattlite, the weather isn’t as bad as everyone claims. Your first fall/winter you’re going to scream for the days when it stops raining, but the spring and summer here are out of this world. Your second fall/winter you’ll welcome the rain back like an old friend.

If you want to send me links to some of your work and what you’re looking for I can put out some feelers? I run the general JavaScript meetup on the Eastside of Seattle, so I can likely give you more detailed info if I know more about what you’re qualified for/looking for. I have a close friend who is a software/tech recruiter for the area as well if that’s something you’re interested in getting hooked into.

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Thanks @matty22! I will keep this in mind and along with my response to P1xt I would like to do a little more work on my projects and portfolio on my own at the moment but I will definitely be in touch pretty soon!