Advice around tech conferences and networking

On top of learning programming, I’m also trying move from Texas to the West Coast in the next 6 months. Because of the inherent difficulty in that, I think that attending tech conferences in areas I’m interested in living might be a good way to network and find a job down the road.

I found two conferences in San Francisco that seem pretty interesting from a learning perspective, but I’m not interested in living and working there. Can’t seem to find anything worth checking out in Seattle, Portland or SoCal in the first half of this year.

Also found a conference called Developer Week but the size and scope of it seems pretty daunting for a first timer.

Any advice on tech conferences or networking for someone who wants to move out of state?

Maybe start with smaller local meetups? I have no doubt that there is some programming-related event or meetup on almost any given day in Seattle.

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Right. I did think of that and good point, maybe I need to focus on instead of grand tech conferences for networking purposes.