Help: Creating a Functioning Navbar

I created a test website in CodePen to get a better understanding of how to build my Portfolio. I understand how to write the NavBar code (and any variations if desired), but I can’t seem to get it to function – it’s not navigating to each of my sections (Who, What, Where). Is there some unique jQuery code I’m missing?

Click here to view the site, and I know you can view the code. What am I missing? I don’t understand how anchor tags work nor do I know the code for jQuery (if that’s what is missing). I wish this was covered in the curriculum before doing this project. I’m lost and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your links don’t lead anywhere. So instead of this:
<a href="#">WHO</a>
you need to have something like this:
<a href="#who">WHO</a>
and then later on
<div id="who">....</div>
(or some other element with that id, doesn’t have to be div)

I second that. Wherever you wants the link to go to you have to add an id to the HTML element and then link to it with <a href="#idname">

Thanks everyone! That solved my problem.

Thank you for the answer! I had the same issue and this fixed me up too!!! Thank you all!

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