Help getting a web development freelance job

Hi i’m saravanan. This is my first post. I’m can’t know how to ask the question. I have study some
code in php, sql, javascrip, jquery, css in last 6 months. i have search many site including freelancer i’m getting anyone. Can any one help for me?

Welcome :slight_smile: are you saying you aren’t getting any work on freelance sites ?

Sir I’m Try to and and also some websites. But Heavy competition for Freelance. I’m Not Know how to way approach it. Any suggestion?

If you are communicating in English during you freelance work, then it might smart to take some English classes so that you look more professional when you are communicating with your customers.

hm… i also had an similar question. It is one thing to code and the other is to solve your oqn “problems” and earn the first jobs…

Here is a conversation that may be of help - For campers who bid on Freelancer