Help me think of a cool name

Hi everyone,

I’ve been getting more and more requests for websites from people around me. Next week I’m going to a small company who wants me to help them with their stack of work.
Most people want to pay me good money but also want a receipt and with tax and stuff (no clue how to do that).
I have to set up my one man company a.s.a.p. but I want a cool name! Something that’s a bit professional but may also be a bit fun.

Can you help think of something?

i think that “webfix” is a cool name :upside_down_face::+1:


Zuyderhoff Solutions

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Both seem good! I first thought of zuyderhoff developing, but my last name is hard to say for English people or hard to Google, with the weird way to spell it. But Webfix Zuyderhoff might work.

How about “Web Derhofflement”

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ZHoff WebDesign LLC ?

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Rein Maker
R-Z Style
Get You Hoffed

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Something easy to spell (think about the people googling you)

Something easy to pronounce (so when people spread referral about your company, and people go looking for it, it’s also easy to spell)

Something easy to remember. (if people can’t remember it, it will be hard to refer you… there’s this great web design company, Zee##%, Zedhoff… sorry, can’t remember it. How do you spell it? Sorry cant spell it coz I can’t remember it.)

Avoid numbers… or numeric words I guess this falls under “easy to spell”. (i.e. 10KDesign… people hear it, and misconstrued it as TenK. you will have to constantly tell people it’s the number 10, “one”, “zero”… or the other way around “DesignSix” – it’s S.I.X., not the number 6.)