Help Needed - front end dev role

Hi All,

I have been learning Javascript currently and I am aware of HTML,CSS and Javascript pretty much to atleast do some basic stuff.
Now if I had to apply for a front end dev role what kind of projects should I consider doing?
I am learning react too.
Should I also start solving DS and Algorithm problems for clearing a Web dev role?

Hi @Chirashankar6!

For the technical interviews, yes.

I would suggest practicing with leetcode, FCC, codewars, or hackerank.
I would also suggest the cracking the coding interview. I am going through it now.

It is a long book but very thorough.

You could also look into this resource for front end developer interview questions.

There have been a lot of discussion about what types of projects to include. I think it would be good to comb through the responses for people asking for portfolio reviews.

The professionals on the forum give great advice on what types of projects should be included. Also they give great advice on resumes too.

Hope that helps!

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