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I am half way done with the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification, but sometimes I feel like I am just taking notes, and because I am not applying this to an actual project I’m loosing some of the concepts over time.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some projects that would be good to sharp my recently acquired knowledge and skills and would look good in my portafolio.
I would also appreciate your opinion on how to know what should my portfolio look like before I begging applying for jobs or internships.
Any guidance or advice will be largely appreciate it, I’ve been working on my front-end development skills for a couple of years now and I really want to be able to transform all of that invested time into a job.
Thanks beforehand and I hope you have a nice day!

Hi there. IMHO a good place for or pacticing skills like JS and other languages is

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Hi @anthonyarguello96!

When it comes to creating projects for your portfolio you will want to create projects that stand out and are unique.

If you google, project ideas for front end developer you will get a great list of ideas. However, the competition for junior developers is high and chances are those other aspiring junior developers have googled that same question and built projects around those suggestions.

No one is expecting you to build the next billion dollar app but create something around your interests. Or even better, create an application that solves a problem.

I would also look on GitHub and linkedin and search for junior developers and take a look at their portfolios and see what types of projects they have.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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