Help on debugging my survey form page

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my code? I tried everything but can’t seem to get pass problem 13. I have read others with similar problems with no luck. I kindly appreciate it if anyone can help me.
here is the codepen :

if you read the error message below the failed test do you understand better the issue?

Hi, look closely at the syntax of your attribute. Is there something missing that all the other attributes have? :wink:

Take your time to go through all the required user requirements and check if you have them all.
You can aswell compare what you have with this :point_right: . Hope you got it fixed :sunglasses:

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I have read them and it says"All your radio-buttons must have a value attribute : expected 3 to equal 1" right? I put value on all of them so I don’t quite understand the problem. There is no problem in the value for checkboxes hmm

HMM is it just a dumb inaccuracy problem on my part? what am i missing here… I checked again and still found none… Is it the label? should I separate each label ?

Is it the label…? but the problem stated is the value attribute hmm

look at the value attributes, the issue is there

OMG… sorry for such a stupid mistake on my part and thank you all for the respond and help…

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