Help on Tribute page ( Can't shrink images + white space at bottom of page)

So, after many researches i couldn’t find any help to solve my two problems while building this page:

  1. The both images on top right and left won’t shrink when using low resolution screens, so they aren’t responsive, i’ve searched in sites like stack overflow and tried to apply the basics:
height: auto;
max-width: 100%;

But they won’t resize, idk what i’m doing wrong!

  1. The white space at the bottom and the top of the page isn’t very pleasing.

Here i am asking how can i sort this out ?

  1. You’ll want to put the width on the <img>, not the <div> wrapping it.

  2. You’ve got the word “title” at the very beginning of your HTML (before the first <script> tag). Removing that will get rid of the top white space. The bottom white space is being created by an element that has a bottom-margin. Use your browser’s inspector to look at all the elements until you find the one causing the bottom margin issue.