Help regarding Github Deployment of Random Quote Generator App

Hi Guys, After watching almost 30 hours of videos by John Smilga on FreecodeCamp’s youtube site, I have decided to try to complete all the 5 Front End Developer Projects.

After spending a few hours, I have come up with a Random Quote App Generator App using React which is awesome and I want to deploy it on my github account. I have never used github earlier so, it’s a bit tricky for me. I watched youtube videos on this topic and followed instructions on the github website and could successfully push repository of my code from my local computer to my github account.

Now, I have got to know that you can also host your pages on github and even after trying for hours and reading documentations, I have not been able to host my first React App on github and It kinda saddens me.

I want somebody’s help in getting this thing done. Please you can find my repository on

 [croy47/random-quotes: First of the 5 Front End Developer Project on FreeCodeCamp 
- Build a Random Quote Machine (]

Can you please help with what needs to be done to achieve this. Please?

What I have already are all the steps mentioned here gitname/react-gh-pages: Deploying a React App (created using create-react-app) to GitHub Pages and it didn’t work.

Thanks a lot for your time!! You are awesome!

Hi I had this problem, when you try and load the page is it blank white with no error message?

Also are you using react router?

Hello, I have gone to your github page. (btw the link you have does not work, as your repos is named random-quotes-machine, not random-quotes) And looked at the package.json here GitHub - croy47/random_quotes_machine: First of 5 Front End Developer Projects on FreeCodeCamp --- Build a Random Quote Machine

I did not find a homepage property in the top level, nor did i find the predeploy and deploy property in the `scripts property. Are you sure you followed everything in the tutorial you linked?

Dear Friend, thanks for your time and effort. I tried everything that was suggested in that code but when that didn’t work. I decided to go for another idea. I decided to host my page on netlify and put a link as source code there which would redirect to the code on my github. I changed my github repo then. If you went through the codes, can you please clone it and make suitable changes and host it on github temporarily and then send those changes to me with slight explanation. It would be good for me.

Netfliy page. I used it because FCC’s react tutorial on youtube used it a lot and it was easier. Random Quote Machine (

Yes… still trying to learn how to host page on github. When I am able to do it, I am gonna post it here.

Apologies for the late reply. I had been busy today.

I have opened a pull request, if you do merge, remember to change the homepage property in the package.json to

currently a version of your RQ machine can be found live at

You can find details of the change in the pull request description, and a summary in the

the resources I have used is the same as yours: GitHub - gitname/react-gh-pages: Deploying a React App (created using create-react-app) to GitHub Pages

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