Help to learn these things

I’m gonna be a self thought programmer and I need help to start with these things

I need to learn mobile application dev with flutter and dart,
I need to learn python basics

these are the problems I’m facing I cant find good tutorial that helps to learn properly
guide me professional fellow programmers.
Im currently following web development course at freecodecamp

Hi @buwanekagodage !

May I ask you why you need to learn web dev, mobile dev and python all at once?
What is the end goal? :grinning:

I don’t know what you have tried so far but FCC has a lot of content on their youtube channel.

FCC python videos

FCC dart and flutter videos

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I like to learn everything. Basics in everything like that. I am studiying for a degree program right now

It is great that you want to learn all of of these things, but just remember to apply that knowledge.

You could spend months going through tutorials and basics of different languages, but if you don’t use that knowledge and build something then your time will not be as effective.

Building projects and applying that knowledge is where you will grow the most. :grinning:

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