Help with Fixing Tribute Page

Hi its my first time posting on here! I just joined the site about a week ago and am at the start of my Tribute Page. I’m trying to align my text below my image into 3 sections all next to each other but am having trouble.
Would appreciate if anyone could point out other problems you see and or ways to improve.


You will need to make columns, or use css grid, or a framework like bootstrap.


I see that you’ve laid out your grid: Congrats! One thing to remember is that your grid, if using Bootstrap 3, needs to add up to 12. So in this case, you would change

<div class="col-sm">


<div class="col-sm-4">

since you have three columns and 3 x 4 = 12.

If you’re using Bootstrap 4, then flexbox allows you to define the columns just as you have.

Next up, I would recommend trying margins and padding to add space between and within your elements.

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Yes I’m using bootstrap 4 and will follow up on your advice once I’m home from work!

Thanks for the feedback I will post again once I’ve made some changes.

Hey any thoughts on it now? I did many different iterations and ended up losing my files more than once unfortunately so its not as good as it should have been for sure

link here