Help with Intermediate Algorithm

Hello, everyone

I am currently about to complete the Javascript front end section of freecodecamp. However, I am running into a brick wall with the intermediate algorithm. I have an rough understanding of what concept to use and how to break down the algorithm. But I can not write actually syntax or fully remember the actually concepts needed to solve the algorithm. I can only write fake code that resemble the actual solution.

How can improve and get better at this. Are there any additional resources on algorithms

Practice, practice, practice. That is the only way to get better a solving algorithms.

Not sure what you mean by the above statement.

If you get stuck, then ask questions here in the forum. We can help guide you in such a way so that you still “own” the final solution. We may ask you to first attempt to write out the algorithm in plain language (no code). This helps to make sure you understand what the logic should be without getting bogged down in what code syntax you will end up using.

If by fake code you mean something resembling pseudo code, or comments of steps for you solution i.e. the logic of how you are going to solve a given algorithm, you can then search or ask for syntax of language of your choice on how to implement your logic, for example:
“if the min Value is less than max Value , add one to min Value”, and you are using JavaScript for instance, for writing your code, then you can:

  • Ask or search how to compare two values in JavaScript.
  • how to add/increment a value by one in JavaScript.
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Yes I am meant pseudo-code.