Help with my landing page please

Hi guys
You can find my page here:

I have trouble with the navigation links, it does not link to different sections in my page, it opens a new page. I’ve even removed the wrapper as I though-ed this might be causing this, but I got the same result.
fyi. I know the news anchor is different, this is because I have tested different scenario’s and every one comes to the same result.

Also. When I run the test it tells me my form does not have id=form

Thank you for your assistance

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You have the #form id used multiple times, plus I have seen at least one a with no text in it, so it seems not easy to navigate

I can’t see the live version, or what the tests say, so I am basing only on your code. Do you have a live page that is possible to look at?

Thank you for the quick response. I removed the extra form id.

I copied my code to this code pen, hope it helps. I linked the images from my github account but it seems that it does not work…or maybe I did something wrong :wink:

Thank you

Please also add the test suite

for the images, try opening the links and see where to they bring

If instead you open that and right click on the image and choose copy link you get this link:

When I run the test I get the errors below. (how can I attach a screenshot of the errors to this page?)

I can see an image within the #header element with a corresponding id=“header-img”. A company logo would make a good image here.

When I click a .nav-link button in the nav element, I am taken to the corresponding section of the landing page.

When I click the submit element, the email is submitted to a static page (use this mock URL: that confirms the email address was entered (and that it posted successfully)

Please include the test suite in the codepen

How do I do this,? I’ve only been using Github
Thank you for your assistance

There is a pen linked with the test suite included. Instructions in the project-page.

Anyway, in codepen try using the analyser, there is an arrow near the html box from which you can reach it, it will give you some useful errors about wrong syntax , fixing those is a step toward making the page better

You probably need to not put the ids on empty elements… <div id="watch"></div>
It is speculation tho, the errors give infos about what is the issue too

If I include the error screenshot in my github will you be able to see it?

You can find it here

I can just make speculations, I can’t try to see what happens, if what I try is enough to fix it

See the first two lines of each error, if they can give you an hint of what’s wrong

For example each .nav-link element should have an href attribute

Hi There

I am ignoring the first error as my images are in the same folder as my code therefore I don’t need the url.

Is this what you mean?
<a class="nav-link" href="LandingPage.html">About</a>
If yes then should the reference in the page to this be the following?
<a id="about"><h4>About:</h4></a>

why do you have this? it’s not a link, so it can’t have a href, this is giving you issues

Then, The #email imput should have a name attribute. Missing:

<input type="email" id="email" placeholder="Enter Your Email" size="30" maxlength="256" id="email" required>