Help with my Landing Page

I’ve been trying to figure out the reason my icons do not show.
It is frustrating! Though it says not to use Bootstrap the example uses it.

Hi. Can you share a link to the page with us? =)

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Hi, Ed
here, it is MyLanding Page

You should add a link to font awesome in your settings, either in the HTML <head> or in the CSS.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-B4dIYHKNBt8Bc12p+WXckhzcICo0wtJAoU8YZTY5qE0Id1GSseTk6S+L3BlXeVIU" crossorigin="anonymous">


Also close that tag and fix the class <i class="fas fa-plane fa-3x" </i> or it will mess the format :slight_smile:

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Hi, Ed Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I’m going to add now.

Yay! It worked! Do you know if I can change codePen black background color to white color?

I think you can.
Click on your profile picture at the top right corner then choose “settings”. There are light themes under Syntax Highlighting.

Thank you! It is nicer to read! The black background color was so to read.