Help with Resume Please, any recommendations? I'm trying to apply for web development internships

Hey Guys, I make my resume. I need your help to review my resume for critique, improvement, and recommendations.
Thank you

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OK, I’d say that all in all, it looks pretty good. I’m usually very critical of things like this so that says something.

That being said, a few things that I noticed…

You start out your Objective section with an incomplete sentence that doesn’t say anything about what your objective and has a bunch of meaningless buzzwords. (Everyone calls themself created and self-motivated.) The purpose of this section (imho) is to make clear in a few sentences if you are a good fit for them. I would want something like:

I am finishing my CS degree this October and am looking for an internship or entry-level position. I work with [very short list of techs]. I live in [rough geographic location, like state or major city] but am willing to relocate or work remotely.

If they read that, they will immediately know what you are about and have gained a lot of basic information about you, without having to dig through too many details yet. My theory is always that they are looking at 200 resumes and if they have to work to find anything, they will just skip you and move onto the next.

If you are going to have a Techs section and put it right below the Objective, then you probably won’t need to list any techs in the Objective section.

You might leave off the geographic location information if you want, maybe just keep it at a country level. You could change it to something like, “I live in Bangladesh but am willing to relocate or work remotely.” - or change it to whatever makes sense for what you want.

Another thing I might like to have is a Techs section, where you list the techs you use. That is really one of the most important questions they have. If they want someone with experience with Figma, they have to dig through your resume to find it. I might tighten up the Projects Section a little and put a Techs section above it, just multi-column bullet points so it doesn’t take up too much space, but is easy to find. If you don’t do that, at least bold more of them so they pop out a bit more.

Your Projects section looks pretty good, but I might shorten it a bit. Moving the techs out of there might make it smaller (to accommodate a Techs section, if you add one). And the first bullet point of the Elena Joy Photography - they don’t need you to explain what a portfolio site is, I don’t think.

For the Yelp Camp - I don’t understand the last bullet point. You tested the end points? Of course you did. Who wouldn’t. It would be like someone saying, “Yeah, I just did a 10km run. And you know what, I also tied my shoes before I left.” Yeah, we assume that. I would get rid of that and just add “, launched on Heroku.” to the first bullet point. (If at all, they know it is hosted because they can user it.) If you did some fancy testing, set up some automated tests to ping the various endpoints, that might be different. Still I don’t think that would be paired with where you host it.

This is another opportunity to save some space (if you find you need it for a techs section). The “Personal Project” can either be eliminated (this is in a section called “Projects” so they know it is not work experience). In either case, it (if you keep it) and the links could be moved up in the previous line with the name of the project.

I don’t think you need to include Leadership Experience. First of all, you are not applying for a leadership position and this is not relevant to the developer jobs in general. It just takes up space and steals valuable attention.

In the Additional section… I would get rig of the “Soft Skills” section. Those are just platitudes that everyone says about themself. I might put those in a cover letter, especially if they were mentioned in the job posting.

Again, I think it looks good, better than a lot that I come across. I like that it is logically organized and appears to be well proofread. These are just some thoughts, my (slightly) informed and (very) opinionated reaction.

Best of luck. Let us know how it turns out. And if it doesn’t turn out well, don’t get frustrated - getting the first job is insanely difficult. It gets easier after that, but that first one…


Kevin covered a lot already that I would’ve pointed out. In addition:

  • You have some writing mistakes and typos that should be fixed. For example “lunched on Netlify”. Run your resume through an online grammar & spelling checker if you need to.

  • React is just “React” now, no need at all to call it “ReactJS”. Also use “Node.js” not “NodeJS”.

  • By “YelpCamp” are you referring to the app in Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp course? If you are, then delete it. Projects on your resume should be either original apps that you’ve come up with on your own, or apps that you’ve built with other people. YelpCamp is technically designed & written by Colt Steele and there are thousands of student implementations of YelpCamp on the Internet.

  • In “Implemented PostgreSQL infrastructure” PostgreSQL is a database, not an infrastructure.

  • Your bullet points on your projects don’t say anything useful about the projects. Your resume is typically for recruiters and HR staff to read, not other developers. I’d recommend rewriting all of your bullet points with that in mind. Write a high-level description of each project that address the business problem that they solve. Don’t fill them with unnecessary points about technology.

  • It should be “Adobe Creative Cloud” and btw don’t namedrop anything you don’t know how to use. Putting anything “Adobe” on your resume can be a BIG thing (and is usually reserved for designers) so don’t claim to have any knowledge or familiarity that you don’t have. If you don’t know how to use Illustrator, InDesign, and/or XD, I’d suggest deleting Adobe from the resume. Also putting “MS Office” on your resume is like saying you know how to use a computer. That’s an assumed skill for anyone. And freeCodeCamp’s certifications don’t do much to add to your resume, especially when you’re a student in computer science.

  • If you’re going to claim to ranking first on something on HackerRank, back it up with a link.


Thank you, @kevinSmith, for your critics; I learn a lot from the above points and also find my mistake. I will try my best to fix my mistake and polish as much as possible. And, of course, I will let you know how it turns out.
Thank you.

Thank you @astv99 for your critics. The point you showed me to realize my mistake and lacking. I will try my best to improve it.
Thank you.

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