Helpdesk needing to break out

I am currently stuck in a Helpdesk postion, and i am trying to push through to the next level. I currently have my associates degree in computer science and some work towards my bachelor degree in Information systems. I had to stop school and do codecamp due to maxing out financial aid. I am lost and do not know how to get going into a front dev job. Any pointers would be most helpful.

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You’re conceivably in a great place, relative to those who lack any CS degree or related experience (I include myself in this category). The most obvious place to point you would be toward earning your fCC Front End certificate, assuming you mean “front end” by “front dev.”

The link that @EgoDominusVos pointed to is probably going to offer you the best chances in landing a developer role in your current situation.

You have to remember that employers are not going through a developer shortage, but in fact are going through a shortage of good developers. With being said, it’s going to take you a good amount time to get to a point where employers will even look at you.

Does your employer need developers? Even if it is not the expected career path in your organization they might be interested since you already have solid product knowledge from the helpdesk. You would need to have an open conversation with your team lead first. I worked at help-desk before and in that company, that was growing very fast, they were definitely open to unusual careers within the company.

Thank you for your feedback. I dont mind taking the time to learn. I dont want waste my time with extra things. Development has been a passione of mine since i was a little girl. Just got the courage tondo something about it. :flushed: