Hey I want a serious career advice

I am 16 years old and I am an aspiring software engineer. The problem is I am in 11th now
but want to start learning languages from now by dropping my coaching, should I do it, many companies are now hiring without degrees. So please let me know.

No don’t drop your course. It’s a good thing to also have a degree ok.

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In my opinion, there is a lot of benefit to going to college especially when you are young.

I know that I am generalizing, but most young people need guidance.
When I was 16, I had know idea how the real world worked or how to build a career.

I think a good college experience will teach you more than just technical aspects.

Even though my degree is not in computer science, my college provided me with access to career workshops, mentorship, internships, networking with alumni, and paid trips to conferences.

All of that valuable education helped jump start my career.

I know there is a big debate about whether college is worth it.
And yes, there are plenty of resources where you can learn to code online.

But if you can afford it, you should consider the cs degree route.

Those are my two cents :grinning:

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Not sure what “coaching” means and it’s unclear if you’re referring to college. Today in 2021, college degrees aren’t as “essential” as they used to be, but a lot of people do get degrees regardless and some companies will still hire college graduates over non-graduates.

At your age I’d recommend doing Harvard’s CS50X on edX if you have spare time and want to learn more things.

Definitely finish high school and get your diploma, it’s the absolute minimum of education that’s expected in the US. If you don’t want to do a 4-year college degree there are also 2-year degrees that you can do. Or you could do a bootcamp, or go straight into an apprenticeship-type program but those usually require you to be a student.

In India there is a exam called JEE mains if you qualify that you get to sit in JEE advanced
the syllabus asked is Maths, Physics and Chemistry(Organic, Inorganic). If you qualify JEE advanced you get top colleges in India, you may have heard of THE IITs, but i feel that Programming requires Maths and I am just wasting my time studying other subs.

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