Hey im Nick Nick Thankyou FCC!

Hey im Nick, im a single father 21 years old no job currently had a rough life since i was 16 and finally trying to make a change. Ive always been good with computers putting them together building them the hardware part, Also have skills in BGA rework soldering etc. Hoping to get a job in computer programming in the future!

I want to learn how to code for me and to create a good future for my child and be able to support him.

And iv been learning from a couple different websites such as Coursera and Code Academy but nothing has really been teaching me and helping me as much as FCC,

Also i want to start reading some books on programming if someone could recommend some good books for beginners to go along with and expand on everything FCC teaches that would be appreciated.



I found Eloquent JavaScript to be a pretty good read. Just Google it if you’re interested. Since you’re already on fcc you should be picking up some basics there but you can always search for intro to programming and find tons of resourses online. Also Mozilla developer network (mdn) is awesome. You can find tutorials and reference materials that are invaluable on there. Hope this helps.