Hoping to hear your opinion! :)

Hi! I’ve just finished my Portfolio- Challenge. It would be great to hear your opinion, what should I did differently, how to make something better etc.

Hope you ll like it - http://codepen.io/wiktoria_winkler/full/KgkvVB

Thanks for all! :slight_smile:

Hello Wiktoria. I like the design of the page. But I think you need to work a little on the functional part.

  1. On the large screens in Your home section the avatar is well centered, but the “short hello” is going a little left. It seems to me You wanted it to be symmetric.

  2. On medium and smaller displays the navigation buttons are going out of the navbar itself. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Also the contact block messes with portfolio and etc.

Hii Wiktoria, the choice of background image is good.

Page looks simple and beautiful on pc, but on mobile screens page looks completely messy.

So please concentrate on responsive design. And also include links to your github, linkedin profiles.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

I love the background image and the content scrolling over it. So far looks good in the desktop page. I didnt check it in the mobile browser though.

Now that’s better. Just one more little thing. In mobile view it would be more comfortable if navigation menu closes automatically when you already used it. Good luck :wink: