How about a new job?

Hello everyone!
I wish so hard to leave my current job and start a new career with html and web developing… I wonder if some of you guys did it with this course or with another course.

Well, it’s going to take more than HTML.

But yeah, I got a job. I didn’t only do FCC, but I used that as a framing device to structure my learning, finished FCC, found a bunch of youtube lessons, built some projects and got a job. #ymmv It takes a lot of work and patience and luck, but is is definitely doable.

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Hi @leti.bon96!

There are plenty of success stories on the forum of people who successfully transitioned from one career into software development.

I would suggest going through the #career section and FCC news (

Most people use a variety of courses. But the most important thing is to have an amazing portfolio with some good projects.

I will caution you on one thing. Don’t let your current hatred for your job make you rush through the curriculum and create gaps in your knowledge. Take your time and learn it right.

Hope that helps!

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