How can I connect my current job to junior web dev?

Hello! Thank you for all your advices on my previous post, I already quit from the harsh start-up company and moved to a new job.

However, I am not sure how can I connect my current job to my next job. I am now doing a web master in world-renowned company. My current duties are:

  • Updating website contents
  • Creating e-Newsletter
  • Gathering requirement from users using JIRA

I have used basic HTML / CSS and jQuery for my job now. Actually, mostly are copy and paste ones. Since the company is already using their own CMS and all are having existing templates and CSS, I don’t need to create any special styles except small style changes.

At the end, I will help to revamp their old website to new one (but mostly are copying old contents to new websites, since they already prepared CSS for new sites)

As this job is 3-month contract, I will need to find a new job soon. How can I polish my portfolio with this experience? I am not very sure. Hope you guys can give me some advices! Thank you!