How can I contribute to the Hint section Solutions?

I want to know how can I start contributing to the Get Hint section Solutions. Please let me know.

I would reply to the forum post with what you want to change in the text.

Do you need to have certain permissions to do so? There’s no option for me to reply to add solutions but I don’t know if that’s because my account is new.


changes to the guide posts from inexperienced users were creating disturbance, so they were locked, only mods can edit them

you can answer to the thread - with appropriate use of tags to hide your solution - if you want to contribute

Thanks for the help. I don’t see an option to add my reply to the thread despite it being unlocked. The thread in question: freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Iterate with JavaScript While Loops

don’t you see the yellow “Reply” button?

No, there’s no reply button for me on any post in the Guide forum.

then I don’t know, on my side it is an open thread

Ok, thanks anyway :slight_smile: