How can I make Android Apps using HTML + Javascript?

Is there an IDE suitable for creating Android apps using HTML and Javascript or something similar?


You can use React Native to build Android applications with JavaScript, though you’ll need to be familiar with React.

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You’ll need to go through the (sometimes painful) installation of Eclipse/Android DeveloperTools and the Android SDK……ng/bundle.html

After that you can then do exactly what you are asking for with this…,

I’m using that technology to create professional apps (as in, commercial apps for customers) using HTML5 & CSS, Javascript, jQuery and I opt for Bootstrap over jQuery Mobile as it’s a lot lighter, but jQuery Mobile works fine with it too.

There’s also PhoneGap, but that’s just a rebranding of Cordova at the moment. They may branch out in different directions at some point, but at the moment there’s no difference. The only advantage to PhoneGap is that you can point it at your source on GitHub and it will build online for you. Very handy if you want to do pure online development, but a bit messy.

Google these: NativeScript, ReactNative, Cordova, PhoneGap and maybe you will be interested in PWA (Progressive Web Applications).

This is an interesting thread,
have you built ios apps with cordova as well?

I found this online
“An example of this paid service by Adobe is PhoneGap Build Service. It is a service provided by Adobe allowing developers to build apps in the cloud, without installing an additional local SDK.”

Can you please explain what you meant when you said “The only advantage to PhoneGap is that you can point it at your source on GitHub and it will build online for you.”

I am already using adobe software, so im wondering what I would need to do to use phonegap and if it saves a lot of time over cordova?

I have just built my first wamp app so Im wondering how that would translate over in trying to turn it into an app on the either google play or the apple store and what your experience is with that.

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