How can I make my navbar more mobile friendly?

I created my portfolio as part of my curriculum and the few posts I looked at similar to my topic did not have any suggestions/answers

When looked at in mobile view in the Chrome dev tools, the navbar takes up 3/4 of the screen! What can I do to fix this

Your nav bar seems fine now. Maybe you fixed it?
Nice looking portfolio page - very slick!

Thanks! I did fix it, I had a little help in the chat. Thanks for the kind words @Soupedenuit I appreciate it. Sure took a lot of work. You know, fix 1 bug and 2 more reveal themselves type of stuff.

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very nice port indeed, care to share how you fixed the navbar ? just for reference.

yea, I’m running bootstrap on it, nothing fancy. I just called the .navbar-fixed-top class. There’s a list of all the bootstrap classes on w3c - pretty useful!